The God Complex

Three or four years ago I wrote a short story called “What he saw” for a creative writing class. The story was essentially about two drug addicts. One a med school drop out with the intent to still save lives and the other an epileptic, self medicated with a cocktail of different drugs, but his biggest itch was heroin. Jon, the anti-hero of the story, spent his time deciphering what was real and what wasn’t in terms of the after-life. In the end, Jon gets so wrapped up in his obsession with the almighty that he neglects his own abilities to save his friend Cole when he appears to be spiraling into an overdose. There’s a lot of twists and turns in the story, but the fact is that it was the first real piece that I sat down and thought about. It wasn’t something I tossed together on a whim one cold night.

It got me thinking recently, especially with this current stint of unemployment that I’m undergoing, but what about our own God Complexes? Everyone has them, but what happens to the average person when the bubble bursts? When everything good and well in the world suddenly turns and heads south. No more baseball games, no more late nights with good friends, no more family, no more peace of mind. What happens when all of that is suddenly gone?

The God Complex is a dangerous thing.


One response to “The God Complex

  1. Can’t wait to read this one!

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