Learning to Speak Chicago-nese

I have a love-hate relationship with spring break. I love it for the shear fact that I can be completely irresponsible for one week but hate it because its this short glimmering mirage in the eye of the thundering, catastrophic storm that is the spring semester. A quick, peaceful thing of beauty that is ultimately gone before you know it and you spend the rest of the months to come bunkered down in some makeshift shack holding on for dear life, or at least that’s how I see it. I like to think everyone’s spring break is essentially one giant south island booze-fest, and trust me, I am in no way against that. I just chose an alternative route, and that road lead to Chicago of all places. Yeah that’s right, “My kind of town.” I guess ol’ blue eyes was right when he sang about all that razz-ma-tazz. Sounds like a martini to me. Anyway, I chose to document all of this. I perfected my mid-western accent, and I with my dinky canon slipped amongst them like a transparent…..thing. I guess I can now officially check Chicago off my “To Creep List”.

Enough of this, on to the photos:

Philadelphia International Airport/ Chicago

Day one began on a rough start. Our originally booked 12:15 flight to Chicago was cancelled, and due to the negligence of a very disgruntled airline employee, we didn’t end up getting on a flight until about 5 hours later. So least to say, our first day was spent wandering center city, which wasn’t all the bad because I learned one thing. If you fake a southern accent, a confused look, and carry around luggage with you, people will do things for you. I plan on working further in this field of social discovery


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